VOIP Phone Solutions

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provides flexible, secure and affordable solutions for small and medium businesses. Access the flexibility of our VoIP services to perform all your business phone requirements and more.

What We Offer

A Convenient, Sensible, & Flexible Solution to Your Business Phone System

VOIP allows you to do things that are simply not possible with a traditional phone system. SDGi has the expertise required to setup and install a reliable VOIP phone solution for your business. Features and benefits include:

  • Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Monitoring
  • Music on Hold
  • Reduced Monthly Bills
  • Increased Line Flexibilty
  • Remote Management Capabilities
SDGi - VOIP Phone Solutions for small businesses in Orange County


SDGi - VOIP Phone Solutions - Voicemail Options

The basic VOIP system supports up to 400 hours of voicemail, which can be set up (by phone extension) to notify the user via email, pager or phone when there is a new message. It can also be accessed directly through Microsoft Outlook.

Call Forwarding

SDGi - VOIP Phone Soltuions - Call Forwarding

Call forwarding can be set to forward all calls, or forward the calls if your extension is busy and/or there is no answer. These can be forwarded to another extension or an external phone number.

Call Monitoring

SDGi - VOIP Phone Solutions -  Call Monitoring

Supervisors are able to listen in on calls that are in progress in “whisper” mode, which allows them to talk to the agent without the caller hearing, or they can “barge in” and talk to both the agent and the caller.

Music on Hold

SDGi - VOIP Phone Solutions - Music on Hold

VOIP's Music on Hold Feature allows you to play to your callers music that is appropriate to your business. The files can be anything from predefined music to a series of sales messages as long as it is in WAV format.


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