Network Security

How secure is your network? SDGi's security defenses combat computer viruses, spyware, and unauthorized access. Our specialists create a secure and safe network for your business so you can focus on everything else.

What We Offer

Robust, affordable, and easily manageable security for your business

SDGi provides support for the following server and desktop Microsoft products:

  • Firewall Support
  • Internet Content Filter
  • Secure Remote Access
  • E-mail Spam Filter
SDGi - Network Security Orange County - Firewall support

Firewall Support

SDGi - Firewall Support Orange County

SDGi provides a solid network security platform. Our firewalls include security services for VPNs and managed anti-virus, and support secure wireless networking. Rogue access points are not allowed to access the network and all wireless data is fully encrypted and the secured access point. SDGi effectively minimizes unauthorized access from outside your company.

Content Filter

SDGi - Content Filter Orange County

While the Internet is certainly a powerful tool, your users’ Internet activity can put your business at risk. Internet content filtering hardware protects users from dangerous or inappropriate Internet access. Our Internet access reports are generated by user for enforcement of company Internet usage policies, and Internet activity can be monitored in real time.

Remote Access

SDGi - Remote Access Orange County

Databases, file servers, and commercial applications all need to be accessed around the clock by devices that aren’t always controlled by your business. SSL-VPNs offer cost-effective and secure remote access solutions. Authorized users can safely access e-mail, files, Intranets, applications, desktops, and servers from anywhere with an internet connection.

E-Mail Spam Filter

SDGi - E-Mail Spam Filter Orange County

According to the 2015 Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec, approximately 28 billion spam emails were in circulation worldwide each day in 2014. Our email spam filtering hardware processes email before it gets to your office. This reduces the amount of processing required by your email server and the bandwidth required since 90% of unwanted email traffic is eliminated.


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Managed IT

Monthly IT services provide a reliable computer network which functions smoothly and consistently. From secure data backups, to device installation and maintenance, we provide peace of mind.

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Network Installation
& Support

From server installation to network setup, SDGi is available remotely & on-site and provide enterprise-level expertise for your business. Trust our experience in supporting your entire computer network.

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VOIP Phone

Cloud phone technology provides reliable and flexible options for less than traditional phone systems. SDGi offers installation setup and management of VoIP phones and networks.

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Onsite & Offsite

SDGi helps you decide which storage alternatives are best for your business so you don't lose improtant data when disasters hit. We offer scalable, cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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